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Antenna Comment

/*            ,-.                                                         */
/*           / \  `.  __..-,O           #    #    #  ######   ####        */
/*          :   \ --''_..-'.'           #    ##   #  #       #    #       */
/*          |    . .-' `. '.            #    # #  #  #####   #    #       */
/*          :     .     .`.'            #    #  # #  #       #    #       */
/*           \     `.  /  ..            #    #   ##  #       #    #       */
/*            \      `.   ' .           #    #    #  #        ####        */
/*             `,       `.   \                                            */
/*            ,|,`.        `-.\                                           */
/*           '.||  ``-...__..-`                                           */
/*            |  |                      Stuff you want to know....        */
/*            |__|                                                        */
/*            /||\                                                        */

Strategy and Survey for the Creation of an Audience Profile for the Flint Community Players, Inc.

The Flint Community Players, Inc. is a live theater organization that needed to make better use of it's advertising opportunities in the program it hands out to viewers of their shows. Compared to surrounding communities, the program had a lot less advertising and that meant a lot less money for funding show royalties, sets, costumes, lighting, and sound (not to mention basic costs!).


It was determined that advertising from the results of this survey would be strictly limited to the program and no email or the like would go out to the respondents from the potential advertisers. In addition, all contact information would be kept confidential to the Flint Community Players, Inc. (after all, handing out its audience list would take Flint Community Players, Inc. out of the loop!)


Need For An Audience Profile:


The existing method of selling made the assumption that potential advertisers wanted to be in the program – it was measurements of ad space and how much that was. But this does nothing in describing to the potential advertiser who the audience is!


EQN II & Documentation Available For Free

Dear Reader,

I am releasing the documentation for EQN II to the general public. EQN stands for EquationN as it is a symbolic mathematics library for your Progress ABL based program. In short, it allows your user base to write little programs to make calculations and such as parameters of operation. It allows a great deal more flexibility for your user base to customize the software to their way of doing business.

This version of EQN has some substantial differences from the original EQN software – in particular – the inability to create your own functions. However, it is far more cleaner and calls into the ABL can be accomplished to reach those procedures and functions.

Bound versions of this document are still available on or simply send a check for $39.99 requesting a copy to:

Amduus Information Works, Inc.
1818 Briarwood Dr.
Flint, MI 48507

Digital Marketing: Who's behind that twitter handle?

OK, I will admit it - I thought I was following an actress, but it turned out to be someone else of the same name.  Luckily I didn't make a fool of myself!  (One of the nice things about working in show business is one soon learns people are people.)  I was following out of curiosity.

So this led me to the question - how do I know the person behind that twitter handle is that person?  After all, while my name may seem unique - it isn't… in fact one person with my name is a criminal (makes security background checks for software development jobs so not entertaining.)

One way to insure twitter handles would be for the actual person, shows and movies should include those handles in the credits.  In the least, include the twitter handles on the show's web site.  This may seem like an extra effort - until one realizes that television and press appearances are not the only way to stir up publicity.  There are many times when actors and participants of a show are online during a show to interact with the viewers, as well to give advance notice that the show or movie is coming out!

Digital Marketing: What the h--- do I do with Twitter?

I set up my twitter account and emailed it to the vice-president of another company suggesting he get one too.  He asked "What do I want that for?"  Well, given his company was about $500M larger than mine, he might have a point.  Or he might not.

I will admit, for a while I was flailing about with Twitter too.  (And yes, while I studied for a Computational Mathematics degree, I also went back to school and studied for a Marketing degree.)  Do I make it personal interactions with people out of company?  Do I just jaught off the latest company news?  Do I only interact as "the president of Amduus" with people?

Well, the best way I have learned with twitter is "Following" others and watching what seemed to work and what didn't.  Here is what I have seen:

Digital Marketing: Facebook and only Facebook?

I recently read some thoughts on the internet that all one needed was a Facebook page for marketing these days.

What a crazy idea.

An example of Computational Mathematics

Recently someone I was talking with was confused about the purpose of computational mathematics.  After all, aren't all mathematics based on computation?  Well, the easy answer for that is no - whether it is predicate calculus or dealing with infinity.

A purpose of computational mathematics though, is teaching a computing device how to figure out an equation.

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