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Amduus Information Works, Inc. develops enterprise level software for commercial/non-profit organizations and government agencies. Industries include marketing, manufacturing, service, health care, judicial systems, law enforcement, e-commerce, and real estate. The company develops software per specification as well runs it's own Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Example software includes work order tickets, MRP (II), ERP, returns authorization, contracts management, product registration, CRM, juror registration, law enforcement, work flow, document management, e-commerce, health insurance claims, real estate underwriting, and marketing tools such as CMS based web sites, brochure/info web sites, survey tools, etc.

Movie On Secure Web Application Development Available

Some questions came up recently about developing web applications and what measures should be taken to protect the company, as well its customers, from trouble making on the internet.  I said I would put together a quick movie on some points and make it available.

Voleso HTML Templating Tool Open Sourced

The first time one needs to rework the HTML for look and feel in an application, one quickly learns about the need for separating the HTML from the application code. HTML Mapping was an attempt at this, however, there is still the need for a Progress Development License as well re-compiling on changed code.

Creating a web site for film investment

During the making of a movie, there will be different web sites about the movie
attempting to reach different people for different reasons. Most people are
accustomed to web sites that reach to the audience of a movie – but this article is
for web sites oriented towards the funding of a movie to be made.

Software Used For Screencasting and Other Small Movies

Often I am asked what “software” I used to create a quick screen cast movie about how to use a piece of software or short industrial. This is a quick explanation of what I have used for what step. Note that the reader will need to further read on the operation and capabilities of the software!


Amduus Information Works, Inc. provides study on software that can be used with block watch groups.

A member of the company is active in block watch activities.  One of the problems first encountered by a new block watch group is software to help organize information and distribution of information on the internet.  Attached is a document that can aid new (and existing) block watch groups determine easy to use, economical, and featureful software for their needs.

New Version of EQN II Symbolic Mathematics Library Available (Files)

What is it?

Provides Progress programmers a means to allow their users to create formulas for algebraic computation and small programs for algorithmic computation.  Works with strings, numbers, logicals, and dates.


Software is free and free for re-use under BSD license.


Quantitative Analysis: Determine If A Price Is Rising Or Falling

Often we are presented with a set of prices for something we are considering selling or purchasing.  We can scan the data with our eyes and determine this, but how can we do so with the computer?  We simply draw a "line" between the starting price and the ending price for a given price period.

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