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Amduus Information Works, Inc. develops enterprise level software for commercial/non-profit organizations and government agencies. Industries include marketing, manufacturing, service, health care, judicial systems, law enforcement, e-commerce, and real estate. The company develops software per specification as well runs it's own Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Example software includes work order tickets, MRP (II), ERP, returns authorization, contracts management, product registration, CRM, juror registration, law enforcement, work flow, document management, e-commerce, health insurance claims, real estate underwriting, and marketing tools such as CMS based web sites, brochure/info web sites, survey tools, etc.

Have you seen our page on facebook?

Amduus Information Works, Inc. now has a page on facebook. We invite you to join it!

JEdit progress.xml updated for Progress object oriented language tokens

The progress.xml file for code syntax formatting on JEdit 4.3.1 does not include some Progress ABL object oriented tokens. The attached file includes those tokens up to 10.1a.

The java/modes/progress.xml file should be replaced with the attached one.

Please send any updates to Scott Auge at sauge at amduus dot com.

Free to use utility: Project Namer

Ever had a need to come up with a unique project name? Now available for free use is the Project Namer software using the algorithms I used to come up with Amduus. You can use it for projects, software, software versions, or other things. Make use of it here.

Amduus Classes Updated

Additional functionality has been added to the collection of classes provided by Amduus Information Works, Inc. The DynamicEval.cls will allow one to send in a computable expression as a string and return the results of that expression. The Render.cls is the beginnings of a "Smarty" html template routine much like the one found in the PHP world.

Dynamic Toolkit Updated

Tony Suslovich was good enough to once again add additional functionality to the Dynamic Toolkit. This SDK aids developers with quickly implementing dynamic queries in the Progress ABL. No longer will developers need to figure out tables, handles, or walk an object tree to reach data.

Request for Proposal: Repair data export system generating files exceeding 32 bit offset pointer

Using Progress ABL version 10.1x, repair a program that exports data from a Progress 10.1x database into SQL flat files. These flat files are then loaded into a MySQL version 5.x database.

The problem is, on one or more tables, there is greater than 2GB of data being written into a flat file with a 32 bit offset pointer. The solution desired is to automatically break up files that reach 1.5GB into multiple files for application into the MySQL database.

The source code is open source and can be sent to you for review with some analysis as to the solution.

Request for Proposal: Backup based database replication system

A proposal to do the following:

On a Progress 10.1x database on a CentOS Linux system referred to in this proposal as system A, generate a set of incremental backup files every n seconds. It will need to be prepared to handle multi-volume back up files.

These files will then be automatically FTP'ed to another CentOS Linux system referred to in this proposal as B. System B will be watching for these files and will automatically apply them to a mirror database who's purpose is to act as a hot swap.

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