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Amduus Information Works, Inc. develops enterprise level software for commercial/non-profit organizations and government agencies. Industries include marketing, manufacturing, service, health care, judicial systems, law enforcement, e-commerce, and real estate. The company develops software per specification as well runs it's own Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Example software includes work order tickets, MRP (II), ERP, returns authorization, contracts management, product registration, CRM, juror registration, law enforcement, work flow, document management, e-commerce, health insurance claims, real estate underwriting, and marketing tools such as CMS based web sites, brochure/info web sites, survey tools, etc.

Request for Proposal: Backup based database replication system

A proposal to do the following:

On a Progress 10.1x database on a CentOS Linux system referred to in this proposal as system A, generate a set of incremental backup files every n seconds. It will need to be prepared to handle multi-volume back up files.

These files will then be automatically FTP'ed to another CentOS Linux system referred to in this proposal as B. System B will be watching for these files and will automatically apply them to a mirror database who's purpose is to act as a hot swap.

Scott Auge aids Baker College chapter of Gamma Beta Phi academic honor society with web design

When the Baker Chapter of the Gamma Beta Phi academic honor society wanted to put up a web site, Scott Augé, a member of the society, volunteered to put one together.

The academic honor society wanted a web site to further promote it's existence, it's successful projects, as well new upcoming projects. Also, it wanted to provide an internet presence for potential new members, service organizations, and donors to familiarize themselves with the organization.

Financial Analysis for Software Business Decisions

These days describing the benefits of your technology project and measuring its results financially is growing every more important. In this economy, the spigot for the latest whiz bang feature of the latest upgrade grind has been turned off. This presentation is for technology workers and managers to better describe not just the technical reasons for a proposed technology but the financial ones too. Financial Analysis for Software Business Decisions

Calling out to a C++ class from the Progress ABL

On a programmer mailing list, there was a question about how to call out to a class in C++ from the Progress ABL. The following gives an example of doing so.

First, here is a bit of C++ code that hopefully illustrates a wrapper on how to call out to a class from the Progress interface (explanation follows):

------------ 2.cpp -----------

extern "C" {

int TestRoutine () ;


class A {

 private :

 int A1;

 public :

 int SetA1 (int V) {

   A1 = V;


 int GetA1 () {

   return A1;


}; // class A

int TestRoutine () {

Technologies and discussion for creating the Web Services videos

There were some questions about how I created the videos for consuming web services and providing web services. So this article will focus on the technologies I used to make them. Not all of these technologies are needed to create and consume web services with Progress - the technology described is for how to create videos showing how to do this.

Quick Training Video On Creating Web Services

There has been many requests in the progress development community as of late on how to provide web services to their ABL based applications. Scott Augé has been gracious enough to create a quick training video starting at the ABL code right through testing the web service.

The video can be seen here: Creating Web Services With The WSA.

The video is 30 and some minutes long and in English.

Please consider Amduus Information Works, Inc. for web service development work in your organization!

Please help with this Progress market survey

Dear Progress Developers, DBAs, and Architecture Administrators,

There has been some conversation of late in the community about the ABL and today's business environment. To help answer some questions, I have put together a quick survey to ask the marketplace some questions. At the end, I have an area where you can expand the survey with your own comments.

The results will be shared by collating the information and not including any specific information to any one company or person. Please include your contact information in the last question for me to send it along to.

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