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Digital Marketing: Facebook and only Facebook?

I recently read some thoughts on the internet that all one needed was a Facebook page for marketing these days.

What a crazy idea.

Having a Facebook page and many subscribers, can aid with immediately reaching those subscribers with news about a new offer, promotion, campaign, product or service easily, quickly and most importantly, cheaply.  Just put a few words in a status update and that will appear on all those subscriber's walls.  Those walls will be on the computers they use as well on their smartphones with the Facebook app.  In this way, it is good to have a Facebook page other Facebook users can subscribe to.

Facebook can act as a good "tickler" for the reader - but often to search for more indepth information, one will need to direct that reader to your web site.  Does your product have technical specifications that need to be shared?  Do you want to include a video for the use of that product or service?  It's better to let the subscriber base know it exists and send them to your web site.  There is only so much you can pack into a status update!

Facebook is also good about sharing via "word of mouth" or rather - "keyboard to keyboard."  If someone likes your page - often it will be noted their friend's page.  If someone likes a status update, often that too will appear on their friend's page.  So in this way, Facebook can aid in passing a message from friend to friend to friend.

Facebook is chronologically ordered - things you mention in the past will slowly roll into the past.  There are not many history buffs on Facebook - so as time passes, you will need to add a status about an existing product.  This may alienate existing subscribers with a sense of "I already know that!"

Lets take for example a venue for music - it would seem that Facebook is good enough... after all - it's a sequence of shows that won't be available in the past at all.  That is, until someone needs to look up your power availablility for special equipment, space availability for sets and such, availability of sound and lighting organizations, as well who to contact about renting the space.  Now all of a sudden it might be good to have a stage blue print with power outlets, rigging, etc. for download so the potential music outfit can plan for the space.

Having a web site means your information can be categorically ordered.  People won't search your facebook page for a product that rolled off months ago - but they may search your web site as it is easier to navigate in terms of products and services.

Having a web site can also aid with determining the success of a advertising campaign.  Once can set up web site log analysis software to determine how many times your page (or blog) has been read.  One can gauge the number of views per dollar spent, the number of views from venues of advertising... the list goes on.

Facebook is very consumer oriented - that is B2C.  So a facebook page may not go very far for business-to-business (B2B) operations.  You will notice that Amduus Information Works, Inc. does not have a facebook page.

Believe it or not - not everyone is on Facebook!  Some are on Facebook, but use it less and less due to privacy concerns.  Facebook has specific market segments - one should realize what they are and use them, but also realize what segments are not a part of those segments.

Facebook is a good way to put a post out there in the market to attract people to your message.  However, one should be aware of how information dense your message can be on Facebook, as well what you might be missing in terms of analysis.

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