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EQN II & Documentation Available For Free

Dear Reader,

I am releasing the documentation for EQN II to the general public. EQN stands for EquationN as it is a symbolic mathematics library for your Progress ABL based program. In short, it allows your user base to write little programs to make calculations and such as parameters of operation. It allows a great deal more flexibility for your user base to customize the software to their way of doing business.

This version of EQN has some substantial differences from the original EQN software – in particular – the inability to create your own functions. However, it is far more cleaner and calls into the ABL can be accomplished to reach those procedures and functions.

Bound versions of this document are still available on or simply send a check for $39.99 requesting a copy to:

Amduus Information Works, Inc.
1818 Briarwood Dr.
Flint, MI 48507

I also invite people to connect with me on and if you find the software useful, please consider a recommendation. Of course, part of open source is the desire to show people what I can do for them in a paid capacity – thus, if you have any projects that might need some work – please think of me.

Thanks and Enjoy,

Scott Augé
Twitter: ScAuge

EQN II Distribution.zip1.54 MB