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The pro's and con's of using Progress Datasets to form XML documents

An easy way to develop XML documents in Progress ABL.  This article discusses one way, with the dataset, of creating and reading XML documents.  It tells of the strengths and weaknesses of using dataset in this way.  It also promises a more robust method in future issues.

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Stefan Drissel points out with xml-node-type text and serialize-name, one CAN attach elements directly to the dataset element without a table name.

define temp-table ttOrderHeaders serialize-name "AsOfDate"
   field AsOfDate as date xml-node-type "text"
define temp-table ttOrders serialize-name "Orders"
   field OrderNo as int
   field CustomerName as char
define dataset dsOrderLists serialize-name "OrderList" for ttOrderHeaders, ttOrders.  
define buffer buOrderHeader for ttOrderHeaders.
define buffer buOrder       for ttOrders.
create buOrderHeader.
   buOrderHeader.AsOfDate = today
create buOrder.
   buOrder.OrderNo      = 1
   buOrder.CustomerName = "Stefan Drissen"
create buOrder.
   buOrder.OrderNo      = 2
   buOrder.CustomerName = "Scott Auge"
def var lcc as longchar.
dataset dsOrderLists:write-xml( "longchar", lcc, true ).
message string( lcc ) view-as alert-box.  

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