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Request For Proposal

The first step to any software development effort that will require the use of outside vendors or contractors is the development of a Request For Proposal.

This document helps you identify and organize the information the vendor/contractor needs to create a proposal you can look at for the decision of how to move forward.

The document may be missing things - feel free to add to that. (Also please send your additions to Amduus so we can update this document we are freely making available to the world.)

For those items you don't know or feel you don't need, simply delete from the proposal.

The more detailed you create your request for proposal, the easier it will be to create a proposal.

If you are writing something from scratch and are unsure of what the functionality should be, then the proposal should be for a requirements analysis document. This document gets more into the nitty gritty of what needs to be done and is written by a technical professional who can identify interfaces, operating system types, and specific functionality. This document can help you move onto the next step of another RFP you can provide to vendors.

Please be sure to include Amduus Information Works, Inc. in your vendor list! Simply email it to Thank you!

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