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About Amduus Information Works, Inc.

Amduus Information Works, Inc. is a technology and strategy firm which helps it's clients:

  • Bring new software into their business marketplace and operations
  • Enhance existing software both for customer and internal use

The category of customer we work with include:

  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Both Profit and Non-profit

Representational Clients:

  • Superior Court of California (Judicial)
  • The JI Companies (Healthcare)
  • Information Marketing Group (Schools)


Amduus Information Works, Inc. is a private company incorporated in 2001 in the state of Delaware.

About Our Name

Often there are questions about how to pronounce and the origin of the company name. Pronunciation is like saying ah-m-d-us. The Amduus portion was automatically generated by a program we use for generating project code names. The founder, Scott Augé, enjoys BMW automobiles. Just as MW is "motor works" for BMW, the company uses "information works." We help you craft information into forms for knowledge, decision making, optimization and maximization of use.