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Open Source

PHP Open Source

These entries are a combination of add-ons, stand alone and tools for PHP  environments.

ticketPortal A portal for creating tickets in dotProject without needing the dotProject interface.  Good for outside organizations reporting issues found in the execution of a project or for departments outside of IT reporting issues and tasks.  Integrates at the database layer so ticketPortal can be on a completely different machine on a different network if so desired.  The zip package includes source code, documentation, and some marketing tools to champion it in your organization.  Download

Progress ABL Open Source

It's always a nice start to an application when one can piggy back off existing work. The following is provided to aid Progress ABL programmers with adding functionality to their works or for new works. (It also helps with potential clients understanding the quality and form of our work!)

Dynamic Query Toolkit This is a SDK that lets the programmer implement Progress ABL dynamic queries in the more familiar static technique. One does not need to be concerned with adding buffers, creating handles, or walking object trees for dealing with queries. See /doc for more manual and examples. Download

Amduus Classes These are a collection of classes one can use in programming for handling sockets, email, strings, and some web oriented actions. See the documentation for more information. Download

EQN II is a symbolic mathematics library for use with the ABL enabled with OOP language capability (10.1A or better.)  The library allows programmers to add "computable parameters" to their applications for numbers, string, date, and logical data types. Download

Lessons On XMLRPC with Webspeed How to use Webspeed for lightweight XML document handling. Download

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